Frequently Asked Questions

Manual NanoStroking

The two procedures are both permanent makeup services. Manual Nanostroking uses a manual tool that gently taps the pigment into the skin creating a soft and airy hair stroke. Microblading uses a manual tool that is designed to cut the skin and pigment is then deposited.  

Manual NanoStroking is perfect for all skin types where Microblading is better for normal to dry skin types. 

Manual Nanostroking technique is gentle on the skin therefore creates the perfect healed result. The technique is great for clients who may not prefer long lasting brows longer than 2 years allowing the flexibility and freedom to change shape or color at the color boost appointment. 

Manual NanoStroking heals more gentle where Microblading tends to have more scabs depending on artist depth in their work. 

Manual NanoStroking’s 2nd appointment, which is often referred to as a “touch up” occurs at 4 weeks where Microblading is between 6-12 weeks. 

Both techniques cost the same and both techniques are two – step processes

 Those interested in natural healed hair strokes and are not candidates for Microblading (Mature, Oily, Combo or Sensitive Skin)

Those interested in results that do not require a touch up after 2 or 3 years or who prefer the soft airy powder effect. For those clients, I recommend booking our Powder Brows service

Clients should plan to be there for 3 hours. Touch ups will take shorter time and will be dependent on the client’s retention during healing process.

Step 1: Consultation – We review your brow goals together and this is a time where you can show me brow shapes you like along with how you normally where your brows. Consultation is a part of all appointments. If you would like to book separately, that is also an option. 

 Step 2: Shape – I will start by measuring key points on your face to create a shape that is as close to symmetry as possible. Ill draw the brow shapes with a pencil designed for skin following your natural brow hair and orbital ridge. Once you approve, we will move on to the next step. 

 Step 3: Color Selection – Together, we will select a color that is closest to your natural brow hair and one that will heal best.  

 Step 4: Treatment will start – I will use a disposable manual tool with disposal materials to create brow magic! Ill apply topical numbing before I start shading your brows. A secondary numbing will be applied to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible. Once I’ve completed the tapping technique, I will go over after care with you, book your touch up and send you home with an aftercare bag. 

Touch ups are designed to perfect areas that need them after the 1st session and during your healing process. Each client’s physiology and lifestyle varies which can impact retention.

 Touch ups cost $100.

No more than 2 years without touch up or color boost

Day 0-2

  • First few days will be slight discomfort and maybe redness depending on skin. This will resolve itself.

Day 2-4

  • Brows will appear darker

Day 4-8

  • Brows may have light flaking or scabs – avoid picking or rubbing which can prematurely pull the pigment out of your skin

Day 8-14

  • Brows may appear lighter

Day 14-28

  •  Brows color will return

Day 60 

  • Touch up time