Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent Makeup Removal (Brow and Lip)

  1. If you are interested in fixing or reshaping your old permanent makeup
  2. If you want to remove or fix poor quality work
  3. If you want to color correction an old work that has changed color 
  4. If you want to remove your permanent makeup tattoo

Clients have said there’s a slight stinging sensation but that only lasts a few minutes. 

  1. Consultation – We will review your  goals together and set expectations
  2. Start removal process – I will use all disposable materials including a manual tool to deposit the removal solution into the area that needs removal. 
  3. Review Aftercare – After your session is complete, I’ll provide you with an aftercare kit, review aftercare and we will schedule the next appointment if needed. Typically 4-6 weeks in between depending on skin. 

This will vary person to person. On average, clients will need at least two sessions depending on their goals.

Yes, if more than 2 removal sessions are purchased.

Each appointment lasts 1 hour and is $150/session. Discounts applied if purchasing a bundle. 

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  • You will be slightly red no more than an hour after appointment. 
  • Experience little to no scabbing
  • You can wear makeup 24 hours after

See Pre Care instructions for Powder Brows

Within the first 24 hours

  • Clean lymph or fluid in treated area with dry cotton pads
  • Keep skin area dry and prevent from being wet
  • AVOID: Public swimming pools, sunbathing, tanning, face powder, saunas, facials, smoking and alcohol
  • DO NOT exercise or do any activity that causes sweating

For the next 7 days: 

  • Using a Q-tip, clean the treated area with water, then apply 1 drop of removal step 2/3 solution on each eyebrow once/day nightly
  • Do not wash solution off until the next morning