How should I care for my brows after my Powder Brow appointment?

Day 1-3

  • Clean brows with water and do a circular motion to remove any fluid build-up (1x a day)
  • Use Angel Care Wipe to pat eyebrows – do not wipe
  • Use cotton round to pat dry
  • Apply thin layer of Angel Care Gel to the brows to protect and to promote faster healing
  • Repeat every 3 hours

Day 4-7

  • Clean your brows morning and night
  • Use Angel Care Gel, rice grain amount on BOTH brows

Avoid for 7 days

  • No water, sweat and makeup
  • Do not tint brows for next 10 days

Avoid for 30 days

    • Botox, Laser/Chemical Peel, and Sun

Other important instructions during healing process:

  • Only touch your brows with clean hands. We’ve opened your skin so this is considered an open wound and infections can occur
  • Do not use Retin-A, Glycolic Acids, Peroxide and Neosporin while healing (2 weeks post)
  • Do not scrub, pick or scratch your eyebrows
  • UV rays can make your brows fade quicker, apply sunscreen when in sun
  • Sleep on back for first week
  • Change pillowcase

Failure to follow these instructions may result in loss of pigments and/or eyebrows not healing properly.

Please note – everyone’s healing process may look different based on a few different factors including skin type and after care. These are averages.